Be Paid To Travel And Experience Diverse Cultures

Do you dream of travelling the world to experience diverse cultures and work at the same time?
Nothing is more fascinating than a work and travel job, the world becomes your office, you also get to learn and appreciate the mysteries of the world and the beauty in its diversity.
There are great cultural exchange jobs, you can do outside of your country. There are paid internships abroad where you will earn income or get free accommodation and feeding while teaching your language or helping out with relief materials to the local people. Its a very fascinating experience. Most of the jobs will require you to pay for some benefits during your stay, while some will pay you back, others won’t pay you, but it is still a rewarding experience.


  • Learning
  • Sharing your Specialized Skill with others
  • Improving your Cultural Awareness
  • Exploring a new career
  • To help provide support for worthy projects

These are the available opportunities if you want to consider Work and Travel Jobs.

VOLUNTEER: You can volunteer for great causes all over the world from Involving in wildlife conservation, to crisis and disaster relief events, to joining a group for mountain trail, and other social works. Its interesting because you get to help people and contribute your quota to make the world a better place. Any Nationality can offer to volunteer with some of the volunteers being all expense paid while some are with just little expense on your part. You are required not to have any criminal record. The following sites will be of great help to you if you want to Volunteer:

TEACHING is fun if you are passionate about it, it is much more exciting when teaching people who are eager to learn. Travelling to unfamiliar terrain to teach could be more cumbersome than you bargain for, but there are organizations who are eager to help you every step of the way and make it a lot easier, your safety is guaranteed if you are willing to do the job. Visit the following websites for opportunities to teach abroad:

SUMMER CAMP JOBS: If you are sure of your management and leadership skills and you are passionate about Children, then you can enroll for Summer Camping jobs, they are paid jobs that hire you to watch over children and also engage them in games, learning and excursion activities. Some organizers can’t afford to pay you but they will feed and accommodate you throughout your stay in the country. Visit the following websites for Summer Camp opportunities:

FARMING: while some volunteer jobs might empty your pockets and steer you away from the main attraction of the trip which is to truly experience the land you are going to, there is an alternative that not only allows you to get off the beaten track but also allows you to live and work closely with local people and spend almost nothing: volunteering on an Agro-tourism project. Agro-tourism has become the most environmentally-conscious answer to seeing the world from a slightly different viewpoint, from the ground up, and offers accessibility to the world to those who desire an unpretentious Eco-experience.You will usually be rewarded with free room and board; in the more affluent countries you may even receive a small stipend. Every farm varies so it is best to check what is expected of you before you go.You will be able to enjoy the benefits of being in the beautiful wilderness of a new and different country, whilst having the reassurance that you have a safe place to stay with a secure social network around you. Alongside this luxury, you will learn how to grow your own food without pesticides, be exposed to many new and alternative learning experiences, and give something back to the environment. Visit the following websites for great opportunities:

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