Free Things To Do In Every City

Whether you are visiting Asia or Africa this fall. There are somethings that are tagged staples all over the world.There’s just so much to spend your money on in cities. So much to buy, so many places with entrance fees, so many places to eat, so many attractions! But they do say the best things in life are free, and that’s especially true when it comes to travelling.
Here are a few of some free things to do in almost every city around the world:


There’s no better way to soak up the atmosphere of a city than at the local market. From the aromas and flavors of fresh food to the fabrics and awesome souvenirs of arts and crafts stands, markets are a great source of entertainment and an insight into local lives. Remember to look out for the free food samples on offer. Whether it is sliced and unseeded local fruits at a stand in or tasty cheese at a dairy stand, you’ll get a great flavor for the city you’re visiting. (And come on, who doesn’t love free food!?)

If your budget is tight and you would love to visit Museums or any artistic place, Then you can skip going to the museum and visit Art Galleries, most of the Art Galleries are free for you to explore. Though there are some free museums in every country, you just have to ask from the locals or rather research online to know which ones are a just a stonethrow.


Try to co-ordinate your trip with a carnival or festival and the city would be bubbling with free performances. Sometimes larger festivals can push up the prices for hotels and flights so you need to find the right sized festival to financially gain! Whether it’s the colour and chaos of Chinese New Year in Beijing, Holi in Delhi or Eyo Festival in Lagos,Nigeria. get involved with the vibrancy and culture of a festival or carnival. Meanwhile, simply meandering along a tourist street or through a pretty park will see you land at the feet of a free theatre performance, lunchtime orchestra concert or spontaneous poetry reading.


While it can be tempting to splash the cash in beautiful boutiques and alluring shopping malls, shopping abroad can be one of the most costly aspects of a holiday. Opt for window shopping instead if you think you can resist the temptation to buy. Often the shopping centres and malls themselves can be an attraction, such as Kuala Lumpur’s incredible KLCC, sat in the shadow of the Petronas Towers. If you’re a shopaholic, check out the city’s vintage shopping scene for a more affordable option. it ‘s even more unique and special and way better than tacky souvenir shop.

Marvelling at some of the world’s most impressive and iconic churches and cathedrals is one of my  thing most tourist cannot do without. Learning about the paintings and murals, Iconic artists who painted them, photographing the sunlight dancing off the spires of Prague’s Tyn Church or discovering a new favourite gargoyle on Notre Dame de Paris. Many churches have free entrace  enter so get yourself inside to check out the even more impressive interior.


Most cities have gorgeous parks to chill out in. Parks can often be a major city attract such as the iconic Central Park of New York, the remarkable Keukenhof in Lisse, Netherlands, or the English Garden in Munich. Why not pack yourself a picnic . You’ll save yourself a fortune by avoiding the restaurant with ‘beautiful park views’. You’re in the park, it doesn’t get much better than that!
Please don’t be a tight-arse traveller, rather enjoy yourself but also be moderate in your expectations and don’t pay for what you don’t need

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