Rome: Fashion, Shopping And Dining

Nicknamed “The Eternal City/Capital of the world. Rome is a romantic city, perfect for
honeymoon, Breathtaking holiday destinations and a City of Fashion . Rome shares its territory with
independent City-State, Vatican City, they both use the same currency which is The Euro. This
makes it more attractive for Tourists who wants to explore these two countries without the hassle of
currency exchange.

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Roma as it is called by the locals is recognized as the origin of western culture due to her extensive
rich history, remarkable artistic monuments and great contributions to the field of Art. Little wonder
It has lots of UNESCO world heritage sites.
With a population of roughly 4 million people, Rome is the capital of Italy and the largest, most
visited City in Italy. Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo and Bergamo are also well visited by Tourist.
Tourists who have visited this beautiful city all share same raving reviews and glowing
admiration of its breathtaking landscapes, diverse cultures and customs and of course its delicioulsy
tasty world-class Cuisines.
There are lots of attractive sites to visit in Rome, namely: Spanish Steps, Trevi fountain, St Peters
Basillica, The Coloseum, Palatino, Sistine Chapel and lots of great shopping malls for lovers of
Luxury, Romantic Getaways, Breathtaking Scenery, Five Star Dining, Current Fashion
Trends….Rome has got it all. It is easy to see why the city has captured the heart of Tourists for
decades. It is a combination of class and taste. The City is a wonder to behold and perfect for
couples. Rome is a place to go for beach lovers, Pilgrims and adventurers will love the region too.
On average, Rome receives more than 10 million tourists yearly and 1/3rd of those tourists are
couples who are on vacations and honeymoons.
Rome has a rich history, particularly in Art, Education, Politics, Music, Fashion and Festivals. The ancient Roman Empire is one of the most Iconic and powerful empires in the world. Romans, like the rest of Italy, are fashion conscious and often judge one’s social status just by dressing, in other words, first impression matters. The concept of ‘Bella Figura’ meaning a good image or impression matters. Rome is home to some of the best designers like Fendi, Bvlgari, Gucci and Dolce&Gabbana. Italian is the official language spoken by 95% of the population with some minorities speaking other languages like Catalan, Frulian and Albanian. Catholicism is the primary religion, though there are Jews and Protestant Christians. Children are usually named after a Catholic patron Saint and usually celebrate their Patron Saints day like their own birthdays. Giving and Receiving of gifts are a common norm in Rome. Romans are enthusiastic but formal when greeting and usually its a handshake and a direct stare. Romans are enthusiastic about their culture and history and They treasure their National Monuments and Artifacts like, Vatican City, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Spanish Steps etc
The Inn at the Spanish Steps is a national monument because The Spanish Steps is the most
photographed steps in the world. The Inn is one of the small luxury hotels situated in Via Dei
Condotti, It was a stately home birthed in the 1800s and has now been fully renovated with
contemporary state of the art facilities. The Inn is a beauty to behold. The entrance to the Inn is
overshadowed by the Spanish Steps even though the Inn itself is remarkable, that’s why its often
called The ‘Best Kept Secret’. Couples can plan a romantic Roman honeymoon here because its the
ideal location for 3-in-1 luxury of Shopping, Dinning and Accomodation. Boasting of a tastefully
decorated 30 rooms of 4 floors and divided to lounge and rooftop. The services and Amenities
include but not limited to:
• 24 hour Room Service
• Air Conditioned Rooms
• Bar
• Pet friendly
• Wedding Services
• Multi Lingual Staff
• Childcare Service
• Doctor on call
A boutique hotel situated in La Romanina, within the region of Cinecitta World and Zoomarine.
The Hotel is just 5 minutes by car from the subway. Hotel Petra offers Comfort, Tranquility and an
Unmatched Quality Service. The rooms are very clean and well tidy, the furnishings are an added
touch of excellence. Hotel Petra is a modern hotel that speaks of class, it is closer to the Ciampino
Airport. So travelling there is very easy and Couples can find their way easily, besides the Hotel
also offer Airport Transportation(Surcharged). It boasts of 10 double bedrooms including bathroom
with some of the rooms having corner kitchenette. Services and Amenities include but not limited to
the following:
• Tour Assistance
• AirConditioned Rooms
• Minibar
• Safety Box
• Concierge
• Luggage store
• Non- Smoking
Hotel Galeno is a 2 star hotel, that is affordable but equally clean and comfortable. Each room is
decorated in simple classic style with wooden furnishings, The rooms are small but intimate, there
are 22 rooms in the hotel. The neighbourhood is peaceful and beautiful. The Hotel is closer to the
famous Michelangelo’s Porta Pia. The Services and Amenities include but not limited to the
• Free WI-FI Access
• AirConditioned Rooms
• Free Continental Breakfast
• Tourist Information and Booking Services
• Multi Lingual Staff
• Free City Map
• En-suite Private Bathrooms with Shower, Hair dryer and Complimetary Toiletries
These 6 beautiful apartments have a 3 star ratings but they boast of Quality service and Clean&
Comfortable rooms with gorgeous furnishings, the apartments are closer to The Oxford Hotel. The
Roman Termini Train station is just a 10-minute walk away. The hotel is closer to some popular
attractions like Aurelian wall and Galleria Borghese. Couples who wants to book this apartments
should note that the apartments are situated in different adressess though not too far from each other.
The apartments are closer to Ostiense Estacion De Trenes, OSTIE Airport.
Their Services and Amenities includes but not limited to the following:
• Free WI-FI access
• Airport Shuttle(Surcharged)
• Concierge Services
• AirCnditioned Rooms
• Tour/Ticket Assistance
• 24 Hour Reception
Papillo Hotel, Situated Via Arola 53, Rome, offers state of the art accomodation and a buffet style
restaurant. Though its just 10 minutes away from the City of Rome, it is neverthe less surrounded
by Iconic places of interest like The Piazza Navona, Roma Stadium Olimpico and Trevi Fountain.
The Hotel boast of 82 rooms (Double Rooms, Single Rooms, Classic Double Rooms, Junior Suite).
The Services and Amenities include but not limited to the following:
• Free Private Parking
• Free WI-FI Access
• Breakfast in the room
• Packed Lunches
• 24 Hour Front Desk
• Non Smoking Rooms
• Facilities for Disable Guest
• AirConditioned Rooms
Situated Via Tiburtina, Rome. The Hotel is a budget accomodation that is affordable for everyone.
They offer free buffet breakfast and Wifi internet access. There are 25 rooms of 2 floors (Superior
Double Room, Double Room, Single Room and Triple Room). Services are Qualitative enough for
its Price, The staff are very knowledgeable and Multi Lingual. Check-in Time is from 2pm-
Midnight. The rooms includes private bathrooms with Hair dryer. Hotel Industrial is closer to
Roman Forum and the Piazza Bologna. Other services and Amenities include Free Self parking,
Tour/Ticket Assistance, 24 Hour reception et al.
Formerly known as Capella Magna. The Sistine Chapel is situated in the Vatican City, precisely in
the Apostolic Palace. The Chapel is regarded as one of the greatest and most beautiful Art Treasure
in the world. The roof of the Sistine Chapel was painted by the Iconic Michelangelo in 1508. The
majestic ceiling Frescoes are a wonder to behold. The Sistine Chapel is today recognized as a
religious heritage and Art of The Holy See in the Vatican City. The Chapel serves as a place for
Religious functions of the Pope. For Catholics around the world, Its a must visit. Couples who
wants to explore and also relieve arts will find this chapel interesting and Magnificent. Though
Photos are not allowed and Silence is a must and its crowded but nevertheless its a Beauty to
behold. In other to avoid the crowd, Tourists are encouraged to pre-book. There are museums and
walk-ways that are painted also, leading to the Chapel.
The Colloseum is often referred to as the Flavian Amphitheater, such a magnificent work of
architecture and the largest amphitheater in the world. The Colosseum is the most popular classical
building in Rome. The theatre boast of 80 entrances, making it easier for its 60, 000+ seated
audience to leave without much hassle. The Colosseum is arguably the most impressive architectural
building in the world. The arena was used in ancient times as gladiatorial contest, public
spectacles,executions etc. In the interior of the building are special boxes north and south for the
emperors and its guests, which provides the best view of the arena. The modern colloseum now has
a museum and its currently under renovation.
This Iconic Church is situated in The Vatican City, and it is the world’s largest Church. Built On the
Vatican Hill just across the Tiber River. St Peter, the first Pope was buried in this place and that is
why the Church was built here. The Church was built by The first Christian Emperor (Emperor
Constantine). The church was built in 319 AD and finally completed in 349 AD. Visitors on their
way to the Church will pass through St Peters’s Square, which is bordered by massive colonnades
that symbolize outstretched arms. The building is truly impressive, its decorated with large
monuments, many of which were created by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, one of the greatest artist of all
time. The most famous monument in the Basillica is the Pieta, a marble sculpture of Mary carrying
the dead body of Jesus,which was created by Michelanagelo. Entrance to the Basillica is free but
Visitors are advised to dress properly. There are different Tombs, Relics and Chapel situated in The
Fontana Di Trevi is a fountain in Rome, One of the most beautiful fountains in the world. The
fountain is designed like a Triumphal Arc.The central figure standing in a large niche is Neptune,
god of the sea, riding a shell shaped chariot pulled by two sea horses. This national monument was
designed by Italian Architect Nicola Salvi. Coins are usually thrown with the right hand over
the left shoulder in to the fountain, which is believed to bring people back to Rome, Its
a tradition.Visitors are allowed to walk across a narrow platform over the fountain in front of the
scaffolding allowing for an up-close view of the statues.
The Roman Pantheon was built more than 1800 years ago, Pantheon was originally a temple for all the Roman pagan gods. It is the most influential building of ancient Rome. It was built by Emperor Hadrian who lives around AD 117-138. The pantheon was preserved because it later became a church, Byzantine Emperor Phocas gave it to Pope Boniface the IV. The most fascinating feature of the Pantheon is the architecture. The Pantheon contains tombs of the famous artist Raphael and several Italian Kings. The Pantheon borders the Piazza Della Rotonda. It is the best preserved monument of the ancient Roman buildings. The Pantheon’s Dome is recognized as the world’s largest reinforced concrete dome. Best Suites Hotel is just nearby for travelers who wants to stay closer.
The Vatican city is actually a city-state with a walled enclave within Rome, It is the smallest
independent state in the world and its the temporal home of Pope and the center of Christianity. The
name Vatican City was first used in the Lateran Treaty, signed on 11 February 1929 which
established the Independent state. The territory includes the St Peter’s Basillica, Vatican Museums,
The Sistine Chapel, The Vatican Apostolic Library. The city is a UNESCO world heritage site. Latin
is the main official language, while Italian is main working language. The Vatican City has an
official population of 800 people. Tourist can easily cover the whole city by trekking. Tours of the
city can be pre-booked and is organised by the Vatican. To drive in the city is an herculean task
because visitors would have to get specific permission. The two main entrance to the city are the
Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Basillica.

photo credit: Colosseo HDR via photopin (license)

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